Memorial Care

Caring for your memorial

We are proud to provide a grave tending service.  Many of our clients have expressed a need to ensure that the graves of their loved ones are maintained in their absence.  We provide this service at a frequency and on a date as requested by the client along with a photographic record of the condition before and after the visit.

This grave tending service works closely with our memorial masonry team to ensure that each memorial is regularly inspected so that damage or remedial work is identified and reported to clients.

Each visit by one of our specialist grave carers includes the following general maintenance:

  • Cleaning of the headstone or memorial.
  • Trimming of grass around headstone and edge of plot.
  • Removal of weeds.
  • Removal of all debris (old flowers, plants/leaves and other litter).
  • Watering and feeding of plants or shrubs.
  • Washing of memorial pot liners.

Each tending also provides fresh seasonal flowers into the existing grave vase & before and after pictures as standard

Grave Tending Plans

Amber Service (1 visit per year)
Sapphire Service (2 visits)
Ruby Service (4 visits)
Emerald Service (6 visits)
Diamond (12 visits)

Additional Grave Tending Options

  • Christmas Holly Crosses and Wreaths
  • Replacement vases and flower holders
  • Planting of bulbs
  • Planting of seasonal plants / heathers
  • Adding of top soil
  • Turfing work
  • Re-levelling of memorial
  • Replace chippings
  • Full chemical / mechanical cleaning
  • Full remedial work to memorial

Knowing that a loved one’s grave looks respectable and dignified gives security and peace of mind.  We are proud of our grave tending service and always take utmost care in our work.

For further information on our grave tending service, please visit

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