Funeral Plans

Funeral Plans

More and more people want to ease the future burden on their family or friends by arranging and paying for their own funeral in advance.

This is an easy process and planning ahead with a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan will ensure your family won’t face any extra cost or worries when the time comes and also they will find comfort in the knowledge that you said goodbye in the way that you wanted.

G.L. Skinner & Son in conjunction with Golden Charter recommend The Independent Way, a guaranteed plan tailor-made to suit your own personal, individual and unique needs, putting your firmly in charge of your decisions, sparing your loved ones and giving you peace of mind.

After more than 20 years of operation, Golden Charter is the leading provider of funeral plans to independent funeral directors in the UK. G.L. Skinner & Son has worked closely with Golden Charter and together we believe that you should have the freedom to specify every part of your funeral plan as you so wish.

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Funeral Wishes

Many people choose to make their own funeral arrangements in advance to guarantee their own specific wishes for their funeral. With our Funeral Wishes Plan you can make arrangements for your funeral in advance by simply communicating your wishes to us and without making a pre-payment for any services.

We will store the information such as the place for a funeral service, favourite hymns or readings, a choice of coffin, instructions regarding floral tributes etc. and keep it safe until it is required. We will then endeavour, with the permission of your executors or your family, to carry out those wishes. There is no charge for pre-arrangement in this way.

Alternatively G.L. Skinner & Son have put together a document for you to download and record the main details of a funeral, you can simply print this form off and complete it at a time that is convenient for you and keep it in a safe place or pass on to a next of kin, or you can simply return it back to us and we can answer any questions you may wish to ask.

Click to download our Funeral Wishes .pdf.

Our music sheet and poem section guide for the most popular and requested hymns, songs and poems is available here for you to download.